Makers of Mayhem is an independent video game development studio with a passion for creating incredible interactive experiences.


Randy Hsiao (Chief Design Officer)

As a computer programmer, Randy has worked on AAA titles for Rockstar Games. As a freelancer and entrepreneur, he has created numerous iOS apps. Now he turns focus to his true passion: game design. “Game design is creativity grounded in engineering.” A huge gamer at heart, Randy has endless number of game ideas he can’t wait to share. And, with his technical background, he can effectively communicate with the team to turn ideas on paper into addictive, fun games.

Chen Yang (Chief Gameplay Officer)

Video games are the biggest interets Chen has since he started memoring things. Because of that, Chen got a bacholer and a master degree in computer science. And then he became an iOS developer and tried to be a part-time pro-gamer as well. After 3 year of mobile development career, Chen decieded that working on Apps was not cool enought for him, and threw himself into creating vidoe games as a developer and a pro-gamer. What Chen always wanted is to make games that not only he loves to play, but also attract all the players all over the world.

Marshall Ross (Chief Art Officer)

With a degree in Architecture from the Environmental School of Design at UC Berkeley Marshall Ross embarked on a career in varied creative fields. From comic books to interactive media, and finally into video games, Marshall has become versed in a wide spectrum of visual art, design, animation, and the development of interactive experiences. The marriage of technology and brilliant art is nowhere better showcased than in video games.

Duong Nguyen (Chief Technology Officer)

A passion for art as well as programming, Duong has been programming for nearly as long as he has been drawing. Over 15 years on projects big and small, it has given him a unique perspective on the development process, from an artistic, technical and equally important team dynamics. A firm belief in good code practices and solid foundations, building games and their systems is a passion of his, ready to tackle any challenge however big or small.